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Terms and Conditions/Service Agreement


Definitions In this agreement:


“Client” “You”- the persons or organizations using the services of Yuknique Balloon Décor.


“Us” “Our” “We”- Yuknique Balloon Décor, its employees, sub-contractors, affiliates, and other partners used to complete any jobs for Yuknique services.


“Event” - the event, wedding, party, or function at which services will be provided.


“Equipment” - any items we provide to decorate, style, or be used as utility for your event.


“Liability” “Liable” - the state of being responsible for something


“Installation” “Install” - place or fix equipment, machinery, and other materials in position to be used for events parties or other functions.


“Disassembly” Disassemble” – to take apart or break down.



         The following terms and conditions apply to any individuals and/or business entities that use Yuknique Balloon Décor services, purchases goods and/or rents equipment. This agreement will take effect once the clients event date is approved. All parties and/or individuals listed on this agreement shall be jointly and severally liable.


Booking: Clients must book at least 2 weeks in advance of their event date. You can book 48 hours in advance only when inventory is available and when the total service hours for your event do not exceed 4 hours. Service hours include any labor, installation time and travel. We will not be held liable for uncontrolled delays whilst in the process of driving to the clients’ event and completing services. All booking inquires must be approved via website, email, text messaging or social media to the clients. The booking date starts after the date is approved.


Payments & Fees: A strike fee will be added to your invoice for purchases that require us to assemble and disassemble rental equipment, pick up rental equipment and other property belonging to us, and dispose of balloons left by the client. Once the invoice is completed and sent to the customer for payment, 50% of the invoice is due within 24 hours of the date received or the date of the event can be canceled at our discretion. The remaining balance must be paid in full, and all funds received and cleared at least 24 hours before your event. Forms of payment include Zelle, PayPal, Debit and/or Credit Card. Debit and Credit card transactions are subject to a 3.5% fee and can only be used for events booked 3 days or more.


Refunds: You must cancel in writing at least 24 hours prior to your event date to receive a full refund. If your event totals more than $300.00 you agree to pay a restocking fee (20% of the total invoice) which will be deducted from your deposit. You can reschedule once within a year. When the rescheduling period expires, we will deduct a restocking fee from your deposit, and you will have to book a new appointment.


Venue Installation/Disassembly: It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure that we maintain access of the venue with access codes, key cards, gate codes, permits, keys, or any wearables including but not limited to stamps, wristbands, etc. when completing an installation and disassembling for pick up after the event is over. It is the responsibility of the client to confirm if the venue allows balloon and décor services including but not limited to wall hanging equipment, helium tanks, balloon pumps, ladders, etc. prior to the booking date approval. We also require the contact information of any manager or supervisor of the venue for resolution if any hinderances that prevented us from completing our work was to occur. We will not be held liable if we are unable to access the venue at the specific times stated in the invoice or complete the installation due to reasons out of our control. Installations require a minimum of 2 hours. All installation times will be noted on the invoices and should be scheduled to not overlap the start of the events. All equipment used is the sole property of Yuknique balloon décor. The client is responsible for our equipment from the end of the installation and relinquishes responsibility when the equipment is picked up by us. We charge an equipment rental fee that is refundable when we receive the equipment in the same condition it was delivered in.


Safety: We care for the safety of our client’s and their guests. Clients are responsible for preventing misuse and abuse of our equipment, balloons, props, and other materials provide by us. Please discard any deflated, popped, or shredded balloons immediately. Our displays should not be tampered with, moved to a different location, repositioned, altered, climbed on, played with, or disassembled by anyone unless the items pose an immediate threat to the safety of someone. The client hereby agrees to hold harmless and without liability, Yuknique Balloon Décor and all principals, owners, or employees from any of the following:

  • Helium inhalation or injury from lack of oxygen

  • Slipping on balloons

  • Latex allergies

  • Children and/or adults having access to balloons/materials relating to installation before, during or after events

  • Children and/or adults putting balloons in their mouths and choking

  • Eye/facial/body injuries from popping balloons

  • Heart attacks from balloons popping

  • Hearing loss due to balloons popping

  • Lesions, abrasions, suffocation, choking, loss of sight, loss of hearing, dizziness, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, broken body parts, death or any other personal or property damage caused or alleged to have been caused by balloons popping.


Promotion: The Client agrees that we may use the decorated display including video recordings and photographs for usage on our websites, including but not limited to social media networks, flyers, billboards, displays, commercials, and any other form of promotional marketing.

All designs/displays installed by us are the property of Yuknique Balloon Décor and/or our partners, in return reserves the right to utilize any/all photographs and video recordings as deemed necessary, for promotional use. This also includes any personal photographs or video recordings taken by the Client or the Clients’ guests. We reserve the right to 

include our official logos on any personal photographs or video recordings made, from our installation. We also reserve the right to refuse to use any photographs or video recordings made by any of the following, including but not limited to; Yuknique and our partners, the Client, the Clients’ guests, photographers, videographers, venue personnel, or any other vendors.

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