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Who are we?

Yuknique balloon and decor started out as a local neighborhood hobby and is now working to become one of Georgia's top balloon and decor providers. We only use quality balloons to produce quality artwork that can last for weeks. "What about the decor?" you may ask. We work with different vendors that have the same goals that we do and that is to provide a quality product with outstanding customer service. We build great relationships with different vendors so that products and services we provide to our clients are transparent. With great talent comes great responsibility, and we understand that you are putting your trust in us. We strive to leave our clients with more than just a job well done, but to build strong and genuine relationships that will last for generations. From a simple balloon as a thank you gesture to hundreds of balloons at your next extravaganza, our goal is to make you feel at home. We want to take your visions and make them physical reflections of your emotions to liven up your next event or an event of your loved ones. 


From Visions to Reality

With our 3D mockups, we leave little to no room for error. We want your visions to be as transparent as reality itself. We will use details provided to us about your event and the designs you would like, to create multiple digital designs that will fit your event and budget. View some of our samples below for more details.


3D Mockups

pnk blu 2.png

"Baby Bottle"

Mini Column

Use these baby bottles for a gender reveal or baby shower. You can also use different color variations for a 1-year birthday party

pnk blu.png
Easel 1.png

"Easel Garnish "

Mini Cluster

Use these to liven up your easel sign or picture.  You can also garnish them with accent flowers or faux decor of your choice.

easel 2.png
blck gold 1.png



This type of garland can be used to welcome guests to your event. Try using your mockups on your invitations.

blck gold 2.png
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